Custom Commercial Awnings

A commercial awning is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your business. Awnings help your business stand out from other businesses in the area.
Along with looking great, awnings also provide valuable shade for your facility. Awnings also lower your indoor temperatures and save on utility cost, while adding a finishing touch to your facility.
Bolding Construction is a top rated custom awning contractor. Our team has years of experience with awnings. We build one of a kind canvas and metal awnings as well as walkway covers for facilities of all types. There are a wide range of products available designed to stand the test of time.

Professional Commercial Awnings

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Contact our team to discuss options and help pick the perfect awning type for your facility.

Key Benefits

Each awning is versatile and easy to customize. A team member will visit your facility at your convenience. We will help you select which product, style, application and material will work best. You can have the awning imprinted with your logo and information.

To request an estimate or get help with a project, call or email us today. We have a variety of solutions that can be custom tailored to your facility’s needs.

  • Built tough so you won’t need to replace your awning anytime soon
  • Many styles and colors to increase your curb appeal.
  • Increased weather resistance
  • Energy efficiency through improved sun refelction


Each awning is made with high quality materials. We use weather resistant outdoor fabrics, custom aluminum and a variety of enhancements.
You’ll also get the best warranty in the industry. We believe in the quality of our products and services.
Give us a call today if you need an enclosure, awning, or covering for an outdoor space.


Commercial Awning Installation
Commercial Awning Installation
Commercial Awning Installation
Commercial Awning Installation

Choosing an awning type

Choosing a metal awning vs a canvas awning is an important decision. Therefore, you should carefully consider each variable.

Awnings add protection, decoration and shade to the outsides of an establishment. However, people debate about which kind of awning is the best; metal or canvas. Although both styles have pros and cons, it is important to pay careful attention to them individually.

The costs

Aluminum awnings are more cost efficient than canvas awnings for a variety of reasons. Though there are few styles for aluminum awnings, the many styles of canvas can potentially increase the price. Additionally, combining a pricey fabric with the necessary framing structure is more expensive than an aluminum awning.

Comparing the lifespans

With proper care, both aluminum awnings and canvas awnings last 20 or more years. However, you must replace the canvas of awning structures every 5 years due to wear and tear. In contrast, you build a aluminum awning and forget it for most of its life. With a proper rust resistant coating, aluminum also becomes easier to clean and requires less maintenance.

Comparing the maintenance

Aluminum awnings have the advantage because of their slick surface, which allows water to slide off. Water collects more easily on canvas awnings. Because of this, canvas awnings become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Canvas awnings also trap dirt, leaves, and other forms of debris, while aluminum does not. Because canvas is less durable than aluminum, you must take down canvas during storms with heavy wind. Additionally, the washing necessary for canvas means that you either have to constantly be on a ladder or constantly taking down your awning.


Establishments built in hurricane or tornado prone locations need to consider their harsher weather. Folding metal awnings can offer window protection better than canvas can. In fact, you should remove canvas completely during such storms to prevent them tearing.


The debate over canvas vs aluminum is nearly nonexistent in terms of shade given. Though they each provide roughly the same amount of shade, canvas may need to be dark to be effective. Darker fabrics can be more expensive than brighter ones, but the prices are variable.


In the end, aluminum is the superior choice for cost efficiency and reliability. Though aluminum can be initially more expensive than some canvas at first, it lasts longer. Additionally, aluminum is easier to clean and far less likely to wear down. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, canvas is cheaper than aluminum to solve your short term needs.

What to consider if you choose to go with a canvas awning

Fixed vs Retractable

One advantage of canvas awnings is the retractability. While Metal awnings have recently become foldable, they still take up more room than folding canvas awnings. Folding awnings are more expensive, but they are a variety of advantages. Most folding awnings are remote controlled, which is very convenient. This is especially convenient during storms and rain, though you will need an awning with a case. When a folding awning retracts into its shell, it cannot be torn and blown away like a fixed awning. The shell also prevents the awnings from rain, which can cause mold and mildew.

Awning color

Awnings are often chosen in order to accent their buildings. You definitely want to take into account how your awning will clash or blend in with the area it is installed at. While one color may highlight a building better, it is important consider the practical purpose of the awning. Lighter colors allow for more light under the awnings, which may be desirable. If more shade is your goal, then a dark color is what you should choose. Another thing to keep in mind is the heat. Dark colors absorb heat and can trap it under your awning. To contrast that, lightly colored awnings reflect heat and keep your area cooler.

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