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One of the most popular flooring materials for both businesses and homes is carpet. Any commercial space with heavy foot-traffic needs to select a strong commercial carpet. This ensures it can withstand heavy use on an everyday basis.

Commercial Carpet is sturdier than residential carpeting, allowing for heavy foot traffic with minimal damage to the fibers. It typically is stain-resistant as well, reducing how often you must clean or replace it. Prices on commercial carpet are also cheaper than residential carpet as it is made with more affordable fibers. It can also fit into nearly any office design or style in any color needed.

At Bolding Construction, we proudly offer premium commercial carpeting products and installation services. Our expert crew can provide you with the custom, durable solution you need at a price to fit your budget.

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Benefits of Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpeting provides many dynamic benefits and solutions to each person’s needs.

Benefits include:

  • Strong & Durable: Commercial Carpets are sturdier than residential carpets. Thousands of people can walk across commercial carpeting on a regular basis without causing any damage to the carpet.
  • Low maintenance cleaning: Commercial Carpet is stain-resistant, cutting down how often you need to clean or replace the carpet.
  • Aesthetic: Commercial Carpeting comes in many different patterns, styles, and colors.  This allows it to fit in any space in an office, warehouse, or commercial area.

Carpet info

Beside the type of fiber and the style of carpet, a few other factors influence the performance of commercial carpet. They are features because, depending on the usage, they are not necessary.

Whether your carpet will experience heavy foot traffic or it just needs to keep looking new, consider the following.


A huge concern for looped styles is a thread run being created when one loop is pulled. This is usually called “zippering.” For a lot of carpets, this is a legitimate concern.

Zippering occurs due to the construction of the carpet. Looped carpets have one line which stitches each of these loops together. Because of this, pulling one loop will pull on the others loops as well. However, this requires a lot of power. Powerhead vacuums and beater bars achieve this. Spinning vacuum heads latch onto snags and pull them, wrapping up the fiber.

Fortunately, many carpets offer zippering protection. To achieve this, the commercial carpet is has a stitched pattern rather than a straight line. Because of this, loops cannot pull the on the line and unravel it. Lines that don’t intersect will not pull apart. If a thread shows, you don’t need to worry about it pulling up the rest of the carpet.


Most modern carpets have some anti-static properties. However, it is not always sufficient. Commercial and industrial places with electronic equipment need a higher level of static resistance. Hospitals and laboratories with electronic equipment are a good example of such places.

There isn’t a simple test to see if a carpet has increased static resistant protection. Due to this, you must check the warranty and details of your carpet before laying it. In most setting that require static resistance, you should not be dealing with remnants. Because of this, it’s not usually a problem to make sure the carpet has enough protection.

Stain and soil protection

All commercial carpet has stain protection in this age. However, there are types of fibers and dye methods which increase the level of protection. These carpets protect against staining and soiling, making them very attractive options.

Olefin fiber is among the top stain resistant fibers on the market. It repels almost any kind of substance, including bleach. One drawback for Olefin is in oil based substances. Olefin absorbs oil, which will stain the carpet. Furthermore, this oil will pick up dirt which causes soiling. Due to this, Olefin works best in non-oil environments.

Nylon fiber is among the strongest carpet fibers and is often in commercial carpet. Nylon is not inherently stain resistant. This means it relies on other processes to get its protection.

Solution dyeing is the most effective way to increase Nylon’s stain resistance. Solution-dyed fiber give Nylon the best stain protection. Usually, manufactured Nylon receives a dye bath after it is made. With this method, the color is manufactured right into the fiber and reaches through the fiber’s core. Therefore, the color will not fade after contacting any chemicals. Thus, solution-dyed nylon is a great choice for any commercial carpet project.


Obviously, there is a wide variety of strength in commercial carpet. However, one feature that carpet holds over all other floors is its resistance to shock. Tile and vinyls floors will crack when something slams into them, but carpet won’t. Carpet will tear with enough stress, but this is not likely with commercial grade carpet. All things considered, commercial carpets only real drawback is stain resistance. However, with flooring options like Nylon fiber available this is not an issue.

A great way to get an overview of the features and strength of your carpet is to contact your provider. Contractors can only do so much with what they have. This is why it is important to choose a sturdy design and material before hiring an installer.

If you are not comfortable choosing a flooring type, Bolding will help to guide you through the process. Our team is experienced in both installation and product information. Call us today for information about our services or quotes for your project.

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