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Bolding specializes in residential and commercial flooring.The flooring you choose in your house can complete the entire feel you are trying to achieve. You need contractors with experience to guide you through the proper selection and installation of your flooring.

Bolding has more than 30 years of experience, and can answer any questions you may have.

Unlimited Flooring Options

Types of Flooring

We offer multiple different options when it comes to flooring. Each type has their strengths in different situations. Our expert staff will guide you through selecting the flooring that’s the best for you.

Options include:

  • Hardwood – The most attractive option for living areas.
  • Tile – The classic bathroom and kitchen option. The most durable flooring option available.
  • Carpet – Good for living areas.
  • Laminate – Alternative to hardwood that can be used in almost any room.
  • Vinyl/Linoleum – Durable, moisture resistance with high customization. Good for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

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More about Hardwood

Cleaning and longevity

Hardwood floors last a long time. With care, hardwood floors can survive in homes over 100 years old. On top of this, they only need to be swept/vacuumed and sometimes cleaned with applications of wood floor cleaner.

Buyers are willing to pay more for a house with wood flooring. Also, houses with wood flooring sell faster than similar houses with carpet flooring.

Many Styles Available
Wood flooring works with many different home styles. There are multiple floor types, like oak, walnut and cherry, as well as stains to add character.

Initial Cost
Hardwood is costly. The flooring must be installed on sub flooring. This installation may overwhelm residential home owners.

Needs Refinishing Occasionally
Hardwood needs to be refinished occasionally. The wood, especially softer wood, will sustain scuff and scratches in highly trafficked areas.

More about Tile


Tile is very strong, so it can handle heavy foot traffic. Additionally, this means that it does not need to be replaced often.


It does not take damage from weather or temperature. It also resists corrosion from chemical cleaners.


Most tile is resistant to staining and easy to clean. Additionally, tile inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and viruses.


Tile is made of natural and non living materials like clay. Tile does not require harsh chemicals to clean, which also helps the environment.


Because of its low price and rare maintenance, the cost of tile isn’t an issue. Additionally, the sizes, designs, colours and styles are very diverse.


Because it is so rigid, tile breaks objects that fall on it more than other floors.


Without proper grout sealing, grout lines are difficult to clean.


The temperatures of a house dictates the temperature of the tile. Because of this, tile can be very cold in the winter.

More about Laminate


Laminate is easy, and cheap, to install. Because of this, laminate is a great choice for mid to low end rental houses.


Unlike carpet, laminate floors do not need deep cleans. Because of this, occasional vacuuming is all that is necessary to maintain laminate.


Laminate is a very cheap option compared to other commercial flooring types.

Water resistant

Because of its moisture resistance, laminate is great for houses in humid areas.

Look alike

Laminate can look like wood, tile, and other flooring types. This means that it can be integrated into many different kinds of house styles.

Cannot repair planks

Laminate cannot be sanded or refinished. Because of this, damaged tile has to be replaced.


Water resistance means that moisture will pool up at the surface. This can cause slipping.


Laminate appears to have a “fake” look.


This kind of flooring does not add or hold value like tile or hardwood flooring.

More about Carpet


Carpet is warm during the colder months of the year, while other floors are chilly.

Comfortable and safe

There is no doubt that carpet is the most comfortable flooring option. It is also the safest flooring option for families. The softness keeps kids from getting hurt while they play.

Style and Color

There are thousands of carpet options to choose from. Because of this, carpet is easy to integrate into any home design.


Carpet is a great sound barrier. Beside muffling footsteps, it blocks other sounds from the area around it.


You must vacuum carpet regularly, and deep clean occasionally. This is due to it attracting dirt and stains.


Breathing problems and carpet do not mix well. Carpet is likely to attract mold, pet dander, and dust mites.


Carpet does not last as long as other flooring options. Because of this, it will need to be in the budget to replace carpet.

More about Vinyl


Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. It is also stain resistant and nearly 100% waterproof.


Vinyl is softer than tile, and there are even vinyl tiles with a padded under-layer.


Compared to other flooring options, vinyl is very cheap. In fact, vinyl can be as little as fifty cents at the low end. However, premium prices can scale up to ten dollars per square foot at the high end.


This material is durable enough to last between ten and twenty years. Any damage is easy to repair by replacing a single tile. In contrast, carpet and hardwood is much more difficult to repair.


Vinyl is quickly and easily installed. Because of this, rooms do not need to be out of service for very long.


The sub floor must be completely flat before instalation. Even small grains cause bumps in the top of vinyl which cause tears.

Chemical stains

Vinyl is resistant to stains, but it is discolored by rubber and sunlight.


Vinyl will yellow with age. This is due to exposure to sunlight and contact with dirt over time.