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EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a single-ply rubber roofing membrane. EPDM roofing is the number one roofing choice of roof consultants, architects, and contractors for new construction and replacement roofing projects. It’s available in both black and white and is sold in different widths ranging from eight to fifty feet. It is a great and long lasting choice suitable for commercial and residential buildings. Below is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with EPDM. For pricing info, please contact Bolding Construction.

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Key Benefits

Forty plus years of field testing of EPDM roofing has shown that it has the roofing industry’s longest average service life. Other benefits that contribute to its performance include:

  • Proven hail resistance.
  • High resistance to ozone, weathering, and abrasion.
  • High resistance to extreme heat and fire.
  • Flexibility in low temperatures.
  • High resistance to wind damage.
  • Performs like new after three decades.

EPDM Roofing Info

Here are several EPDM roofing pros and cons. EDPM Is great for roofs with low slopes. For this reason, it’s popular use is with commercial buildings, patio roofs, and carports. One great advantage of rubber roofing is its low cost. Now, cost varies from region to region. However, EPDM roofing is nearly always a better choice than all other competing roofing types.

The majority of EPDM roofs are dark or black, which do not reflect heat well. However, you should be aware that EPDM can also come with a white coating which aids in heat reflection and will reduce energy costs. EPDM roofs also support rooftop gardens and are completely compatible with solar cell arrays.

These rubberized mats come in a variety of thicknesses: 45, 60, 75 and 90 mil; the thicker membranes require more initial investment, but provide the most protection. fortunately, the experts at Bolding Construction help homeowners determine the proper thickness for any individual situation.


A great advantage is the material’s light weight, plus the fact that it forms to any shape or style of roof (not just flat roofs) with all of the same advantages. Previously, this kind of roof was used mostly for commercial buildings or for homes with either low or flat roofs. However, this has recently changed and now it is being adopted more widely because of its many uses and advantages. Rubber roofing isn’t a new trend, it’s been around for at least 40 years. On top of this, some roofs from the 1970s are still in service. Besides their low cost, EPDM has several positive things going for it.

Water Resistance and Lifespan

When possible, the application of a sheet of EPDM covers the entire roofing area. This gets rid of seams and leads to a more waterproof roof. Even with a seam, EPDM is virtually waterproof, and if a leak ever does develop, repairs are fast, easy and inexpensive. Not only that, EPDM roofs are fire resistant. They are almost impossible to ignite, and they can actually impede the progress of a fire.

An EPDM roof lasts a long time. In fact, EPDM roofs last 50 or more years even when they are not given much attention. In addition, new formulas make these roofs basically impervious to radiation or damage from the sun. They are wind resistant and stand up well to hail as large as three inches across. These roofs are pliable and settle right along with a building. They are also impervious to extremes of heat or cold. Unless a very unusual event occurs, these roofs will never leak.


For homeowners who are concerned with their environmental footprint, there isn’t a better choice than EPDM. Not only does it take minimal energy to install the roof, they also have a long lifespan. Additionally, when they do finally wear out, they are 100% recyclable. These roofs are applied using no heating system of any kind (a plus for many homeowner insurance policies). In most situations, the rubberized mat is simply glued in place.

Acrylic paint is commonly used to add color and personality to both your roof and your home. Depending on what kind of paint is used, this increases the lifespan of the roof as well. 30 year warranties are fairly common for EPDM roofs, but 50 year or lifetime warranties aren’t out of the question either. These thick roofs keep out the heat during the summer and keep in the heat during the winter. Due to this, they save you a lot on your A/C bills. heat, conserving on heating costs. 


Similar to any other roof, EPDM has its drawbacks. It is possible for small leaks to form around vent pipes and other protrusions on a roof. While it is possible for these roofs to be punctured as well, it should be noted that these are an easy fix. Repairs are quick and easy when they are done by someone who is licensed and practiced in EPDM roofing.


When everything is taken into account, EPDM is a great choice. When laid by a professional, EPDM will easily last 40 to 50 years – if not longer. Bolding Construction is proud to offer EPDM roofs among our wide selection of products. If you are interested in EPDM, you’re ready to buy, or you would like more info, contact Bolding Construction. You are one call away from the perfect roofing solution for your building.

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