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Metal Roofing and Solar Energy Makes Sense Ecologically and Economically

The world is changing. Carbon Dioxide levels are at an all time high, the ozone layer is thinning, and it’s just getting hotter. The UN has released a report that we only have 12 years to cut back on emissions before we have irreversible damage that will result in multiple cases of severe storms, flooding, wildfires, and droughts. The United States is the second highest producer of carbon dioxide emissions in the world behind China. When you begin to dive into what causes these emissions, 34% of our carbon dioxide emissions are associated to generating electrical power. By cutting back on use of electricity, we can cut back on use of coal in power plants, cut into that 34%, and change the landscape for our future generations.

How can we as energy consumers do our part? Reducing the amount of electricity we use is one obvious way, but it can be difficult to simply reduce manually if your life and career depend on constant use of energy. Making an investment in metal roofing and/or solar power for your property can reduce your carbon footprint passively, with minimal work being done on your end. The greatest part of setting up your property for this overhaul is it will save you money in the long run as well as helping the ecosystem.

Solar Panels on Metal RoofMetal roofing is a great investment for the ecosystem as well as your pockets. Metal roofing can reflect solar energy from being absorbed by your roof, causing your insulation to be much more effective. This causes up to a 40% reduction in air conditioning costs during warm times, and better insulation in the winter, reducing your total energy consumption. Typical asphalt roofing is usually cheaper initially than metal roofing, but has to be replaced every 15-20 years. A metal roof can last 50+ years with only small maintenance costs for repainting. They are also 100% recyclable, and are typically created from recycled material, reducing the carbon footprint even further. The mounting of solar panels is much easier when installing on metal roofs as well.

In addition to metal roofing, Solar power is becoming more available to the general public at reasonable rates and are investments that pay for themselves over time. The goal with setting up solar panels is to have a large enough system to eliminate the electric bill, allowing yourself to be completely reliant on solar energy on a sunny day. On top of cheaper electric bills, after installation of solar panels on your house the federal government allows for 30% of the costs to be deducted from your federal taxes to further line your pockets back.

Fiscally speaking, purchasing metal roofing and solar panels are similar to buying apartment complexes. Although the up front cost may be large, the passive income you receive month to month will eventually add up to be worth more than your initial investment. The savings you receive from cheaper electric bills can be looked at as passive income to be spent in more important ways.

Ecologically speaking, these two updates to your property can reduce the amount of energy a power plant must put out. This greatly reduces the amount of natural resources that must be burned and emitted into the air just with a purchase. Investing in energy savings on your end to save money is essentially investing in ensuring future generations have an Earth that is still a happy place to live. It’s a win-win situation.

One small deed on your end may not change the world immediately, but the snowball effect has begun. As people become more aware of the benefits of metal roofing and solar, carbon dioxide emissions will become lesser and lesser until our dependence on natural resources will be knocked out sooner than later. As we all continue to pitch in our part, the world becomes a better place.

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