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The roof is a home’s first line of defense against the elements. It’s the home’s first level of protection against sunlight, rain, snow, hail and wind. Unfortunately, roof damage often goes undetected until a leak develops, causing interior water damage. Regular roof inspections are an important step to prevent roof damage from causing extensive interior damage.

Bolding Construction has years of experience in roof repair and replacement, and provides free professional estimates. If you have not had an inspection recently, call us to schedule a free roof inspection.

We are able to work with your insurance company to make any necessary repairs and replacement as affordable as possible. Our team has insurance claim specialists on staff to make the process easy.

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Damage from High Winds

Though occasionally invisible, the damage from excessively high winds is usually pretty easy to spot.

Modern roofs are much more resistant to wind damage than those before them, due to increasing standards. Despite this, there is often little that can be done to protect against extreme winds.

Because wind can get under the edges of roofs, these areas are often the ones that take the worst hit. Due to this, creasing is often found on the perimeter of roofs.

Damage from Storm Debris

Though some damage from debris may be visible from the outside, some damage from storms can cause damage that you may not even see. 

The fiberglass mats underneath shingles often break when hard objects hit the roof.

Once that mat is broken and fiberglass shattered, the shingle will begin to deteriorate over time.

Roofs should be inspected any time a storm causes tree branches to break or for objects to be blown at high speeds.

When to get a storm inspection

A roof inspection is usually done in the aftermath of a strong storm in order to determine if the roof has been damaged. This process allows a homeowner to decide if they need to contact their insurer. Storm damage needs to be taken care of immediately by hiring a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor. This is because leaving a roof in disrepair will worsen its condition even more rapidly than before. However, you should be wary of “storm chasers” who are out for a quick buck. Theses types exaggerate the extent of the damage just to gain your business.

You can rest easy knowing that Bolding Construction is upfront and transparent with our inspections. We can help you deal with storm damage with a thorough and honest storm damage inspection of your roof. We have dealt with many of homeowner’s insurance claims in the past, so we are experts at recognizing damage. In addition to this, we know if damage can be filed as a claim or not.

If you suspect that your home’s roof has been damaged by a storm, you’ll need some help. However, it is important to enlist a reliable roofing contractor that you can trust. Fortunately, Bolding Construction is just that. To learn more about how our roofing company can help you, call us at 479-763-0298 today for a free estimate!

Storm Damage Inspection: What You Need to Know

When you hire us to do your inspection, we will take your home through a 20-point diagnostic roof inspection checklist in order to recognize and diagnose any potential damage or problems. As part of our thorough roof inspection, we will:

Provide a full exterior inspection of the condition of your roof shingles.
Inspect your roof’s metal flashing, fasteners, and plates to ensure everything is secure and sealed properly.
Conduct a storm damage inspection of the roofing interior to check for proper insulation and ventilation.
Check to see if there is any leaks, moisture, or mold growth caused by the storm.
Once the storm damage inspection is finished, we will then provide a full disclosure of all the needed repairs, a suggested course of action to take, and the estimated costs of the repairs in a written report.

Hire Our Experienced Roofers to Inspect Storm Damage

Powerful storms are part of life in Arkansas. However, that does not mean that you can let your guard down. Following any storm, you need to make sure that your roof is sturdy enough to withstand future storms and check for any minor issues that can turn into major problems. Unfortunately, storm damage is not always apparent at first glance, especially to the average homeowner. Hiring a professional to do the roof inspection earlier rather than later can give you better results and save you money by preventing costlier repairs in the future.

Bolding Construction can help you by providing a thorough inspection of your home. Call our roofing company at (479) 763-0298 to schedule an inspection or request a quote for storm damage repair.

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