Siding to suit your needs

Siding is a popular option for a home’s exterior offering homeowners a number of benefits. Bolding Construction is here to help you on choose from a broad selection of siding products for your home.

Some of the reasons people choose permanent siding for their homes are:

  • Superior Durability
  • Insulation
  • Maintenance Free! (No Painting)
  • Siding can be prefabricated into many different textures, colors, and designs to fit all tastes and budgets. There are options to match any home’s design.

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Enhanced Soffit and Fascia System

Your roof overhang or “eaves” area of your home can be a problem requiring frequent and difficult painting.  Even if your home is brick or already has siding an unsightly eave can detract from your home’s appearance. Our remodeling experts can custom-design the correct soffit and fascia system for your home – whatever it’s architectural style.

Features include:

  • Well ventilated – lets hot air out in the summer
  • Prevents moisture buildup that can rot wood under the eaves
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your home
  • Offers long-lasting protection
  • Never needs painting – just rinse with a garden hose to wash it

Key Benefits

A lifetime of performance, beauty and low maintenance . . . that’s what homeowners can expect when siding their homes with our professionally installed siding. Easy to clean, tough exterior resists wind and weather. Insulation adds energy efficiency to your home.

Siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles

Many of our vinyl siding products are fused to a foam backing material, to create an all-in-one siding and insulation system. Vinyl siding is energy efficient, extremely impact resistant, and has solid support all along the back of the siding surface. By adding an additional foam insulation layer, the R-values of exterior walls are increased by R-2.9 to 3.5 depending on the profile, helping to save on heating and cooling costs.

The foam is made out of the environmentally friendly material polystyrene, which has thermal expansion properties very similar to vinyl siding. Vinyl also has moderate vapor permeability to allow the siding to breathe. While conventional siding is brittle and prone to cracking, the foam and vinyl combination has protection from dents and impacts. This will keep your siding aesthetically pleasing over a much longer period of time. The system provides the thermal insulation benefits of foam sheathing in a format that enhances the appearance and performance of vinyl siding, including sound control properties.

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