A General Contractor You Can Trust

General Contracting

General contracting can take on many different forms. However, we are confident in our pricing for any type of project, while providing the best quality.
Bolding Construction is prepared to work under the arrangement that provides clients with the most value. Above all, we strive to work with a high level of integrity and earn the trust of our clients. We also understand that the success of your project relies on our performance. Therefore, it is important for us to provide results that meet your needs and makes us proud.

Construction Management

We focus on developing relationships between the client, design firm and construction team. Consequently, we will remain your partner from the beginning of your project until it is complete.
Quality pre-construction services bring value, cost savings and informed decisions to the client. Thus, Bolding supervises your project with field coordinators, on-site construction managers, acquisition and material handling, and quality assurance.
The Bolding Team provides construction management for a wide range of projects including new construction, turnaround projects, major retrofits, equipment installations and maintenance projects. We tailor our services to each project so our team is able to deliver great results.
During each phase of construction, we review and provide input to prevent any possible issues. We also extend our services past completion by offering ongoing facility maintenance services.
Each team member follows our policies and any on-site safety rules to avoid incidents. Because of this, we have maintained the safety of our employees and customers throughout our entire career.

Preconstruction Services

Our team works with clients to analyze a project and offer cost savings without impacting the quality. As a result, you get the best quality work without a huge financial draw.
The best way to ensure the success of your construction project is to have a great start. We believe the best way to do this is to offer a variety of methods to meet your requirements, your vision, and your wallet. Now, you won’t spend time worrying if your project will line up with your financial limitations. We are here to help start your project with certainty.
We offer:
  • Site assessments
  • Cost estimate
  • Budget and timeline planning
  • Review of engineering and architectural plans
  • Life-cycle and sustainability evaluation
Our group of experts are prepared to provide solutions that result in a quick turnaround and exceed your expectations

Are you looking for a high-quality contractor for your upcoming project?